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Dolphins Reportedly Hire Brian Daboll As Offensive Coordinator

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The Buffalo Bills did not have a lot of success defensively in 2010, but one team that they did play fairly well was a Miami Dolphins team that finished the season with the league's 21st-ranked offense. The Bills gave up 98.5 rushing yards per game and 13.5 points per game in splitting the season series with Miami. The Bills only played two teams better all season.

Dan Henning is no longer Miami's offensive coordinator, however. The ultra-conservative coach will reportedly soon be replaced by Brian Daboll, a Bill Parcells coaching disciple that spent the past two seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.

Guess which team Buffalo's defense had the most success against in 2010? Yep - that'd be the Cleveland Browns, who scored just six points and gained a paltry 187 yards in a loss to the Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium in mid-December. In fact, after that game, we were reading headlines from Cleveland media like this one: "Brian Daboll's Poor Gameplan Costs Browns".

Our good friend Matty I of is spending his Tuesday telling Dolphins fans to either give Daboll a chance to succeed, or to go root for a new team. Revel in the Dolphan discord, Bills fans! Soak. It. In.

Here's something serious to note about Daboll that Matty brings up, however: citing a report from Mike Mayock of the NFL Network, Daboll plans to bring elements of the spread offense down to Miami. That system helped Colt McCoy have moderate success as a third-round rookie, and it should help Chad Henne some, as well. Expect the Dolphins to add a few receivers; Buffalo would do well to replenish its deteriorating depth at cornerback.