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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Patrick Peterson To Bills In Latest SB Nation Projection

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SB Nation's latest 2011 NFL Mock Draft is up - written once again by yours truly - and we've got a changed pick for the Buffalo Bills at No. 3 overall.

In the first two iterations of this mock draft, I projected Georgia junior wideout A.J. Green to the Bills with the third pick - a controversial selection, to be sure, but one that I a) anticipate could come to fruition (obviously), and b) wouldn't mind, as Green might just be the best prospect available this year.

In this mock draft, I've given the Bills LSU junior cornerback Patrick Peterson, while Green slid to No. 4 overall (Cincinnati). In both previous mocks, Peterson was off the board to Denver at No. 2 overall, and was thus not available for the Bills' pick in those projections.

A quick rationale explanation: Green was still a consideration here, but clearly, the Bills have more pressing needs than wideout - and I'm certain that Buddy Nix would feel comfortable passing on Green if he can fill a bigger need area with an elite prospect. Buffalo's depth at cornerback is dwindling - Drayton Florence is a free agent, and Terrence McGee's injury issues have made him rather unreliable - so taking a supremely talented corner prospect like Peterson was the only decision to make. He also adds value as a kick and punt returner, which we know is an asset Nix enjoys in a prospect.

Marcell Dareus was also a consideration here, but as we discussed earlier this morning, the defensive line position is so deep this year that it was pretty easy to pass on him that early in the pecking order. Anyone want to register complaints about the logic behind the pick, and/or the pick itself?