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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: We'll Need One This Afternoon, Too

The 4-11 Buffalo Bills will wrap up their 2010 campaign this afternoon at the New Meadowlands Stadium, where they'll take on a playoff-bound, 10-5 New York Jets squad that absolutely trounced Buffalo 38-14 in Week 4.

As is almost always the case with the Bills in Week 17 for the last eleven years, there are two legitimate schools of thought for this game: the Bills should win, because that's what they're supposed to do, or they should lose to improve their first-round selection status in April's NFL Draft.

We know that it's pretty much an even 50-50 split in this fan base - and quite frankly, good arguments can be made on either side of the argument. We have one simple request: whether the Bills win or lose today, please do your best to enjoy yourself.

This is still NFL football, friends. We're not going to see our beloved Bills in live action for another eight months and change; that's the length of a respectable pregnancy. That's a very long time to be without something we all are passionate about. You can spend the day arguing the merits of winning or losing for a fourth straight week, or you can kick back, grab a stiff beverage and enjoy one last football Sunday with your NFL brethren until autumn arrives.

We do plenty of arguing in these parts. We're going to do an awful lot more over the spring months, when there's nothing tangible on the field to make good arguments. You've got one last Sunday of Bills football to watch, observe, and ammo up your arguments for the off-season. Most of all, when push comes to shove, we're all in the same boat when the clock strikes zero this afternoon - we'll be watching the NFL playoffs without our red, white and blue. In the end, we all have the same goal, and we'll all share in the same misery. We'll all need a Bloody Mary.