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2011 NFL Draft Order: Bills Won't Pick Lower Than Fourth

Many Buffalo Bills fans wanted the team to tank in Week 17 so they could select higher in the NFL draft and get a playmaker. They did, but not on purpose.

With their loss, Buffalo guaranteed themselves a top four pick in April's draft. The Carolina Panthers locked up the top pick long before their 31-10 beatdown by the Falcons today. The Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and Denver Broncos are now all tied with four wins for spots two through four.

The first tiebreaker is strength of schedule. Currently the Bills have played a very touch schedule, forcing them to the bottom of the four-win teams. The Bills can still catch the Bengals in the strength of schedule tiebreaker if things go right for them this afternoon.

The Bills can pick second if the Broncos win, raising their record to 5-11, and the Indianapolis Colts win to continue strengthening the Bengals strength of schedule. It will also help the Bills strength of schedule dip if the Houston Texans dispatch the Jacksonville Jaguars in the late game.