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2011 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Hold Third Overall Pick

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Updating our previous report after all relevant Week 17 NFL games have completed: the Buffalo Bills will pick third overall in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Buffalo was one of three teams that finished the season 4-12. Between those three teams - Buffalo, the Denver Broncos, and the Cincinnati Bengals - the team with the weakest strength of schedule would pick first, followed in order by the next two teams.

According to, Denver's opponents have a .516 winning percentage in 2010, while the Bills' opponents have a .578 percentage and Cincinnati's opponents a .582 percentage. That means Denver will pick second, the Bills will pick third, and the Bengals will pick fourth.

The 2-14 Carolina Panthers will have the first pick in the draft. Buffalo has not picked as high as third in an NFL Draft since 1985, when they made Virginia Tech's Bruce Smith the first overall pick.