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Buffalo Bills Are Second Longest Shot To Win Super Bowl XLVI

A day after their Championship weekend wins, oddsmakers placed the Green Bay Packers as a slight 2.5-point favorite to win Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's no fun, though. We know one of those two teams is going to win. What are the Buffalo Bills' chances of winning Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012?

200-1 if you ask the Vegas Hilton. The Carolina Panthers, who hold the top spot in this April's draft, also hold the worst spot on the list at 300-1. Buffalo is next, followed by the NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks at 100-1.

The Miami Dolphins are 30-1, and the New York Jets at 12-1. The New England Patriots are the favorite to be 2011 world champs despite being ousted in the divisional round by the Jets; their line is 5-1.

What do you think, Bills fans? Too much of a longshot?