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2011 Senior Bowl: Chan Gailey High On Von Miller

Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey spoke to reporters following Tuesday's 2011 Senior Bowl practice, and one player he seems rather high on is Texas A&M linebacker and pass rusher Von Miller. Asked specifically if Miller would fit into Buffalo's hybrid defense, Gailey gave a generic answer, but one with a decent amount of praise.

"Von Miller would fit in any defense really well," Gailey said. "He looks like he's a very explosive player. He's one of the few guys I happened to see on TV a little bit during the course of the season, and he's an explosive football player. I think he's going to be a good get for whoever gets him. He'd help us, just like he'd help a lot of teams."

Miller, who is projected to Buffalo in the latest mock draft, weighed in at under 6'3" and at just 237 pounds, which has many questioning whether he has the bulk or natural power to hold up against the run in a traditional 3-4 front.

You can listen to the entirety of Gailey's presser, in which he comments on his three quarterbacks for the week as well as several other players, at