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Stevie Johnson's Favorite Catch Of 2010 May Surprise You

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson caught 82 passes for ten touchdowns in 2010. Of all of those catches, Johnson listed a three-yard catch as his favorite one of the year on a seemingly insignificant play.

In response to a fan question on Twitter, Johnson had the following response (which I have translated for those of you not familiar with Twitter-speak).

"It was a three-yard catch vs. the Bears that was stopped at the one yard line. Fullback Corey McIntyre score his first career touchdown on the next play."

That score put the Bills up 19-14 in a game the Bills wound up losing 22-19.

The response by Johnson celebrating a teammate the way he did is really refreshing. Johnson could have easily spoken about his "Why so serious?" celebration catch, or some of the other great catches for scores he had in 2010, but he chose instead to prop up a colleague.

What about you, Bills fans? What was your favorite Stevie Johnson catch of 2010?