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Ralph Wilson Changes Tone On Bills' Draft Priorities

Back in October, shortly after the Buffalo Bills had lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars to slide to 0-5 on the 2010 regular season, Bills owner Ralph Wilson made a bold - if accurate - claim about his team's future. At that point in time, Wilson called drafting a quarterback the team's top priority entering the 2011 NFL Draft.

At the time, it seemed strange that a team owner would be willing to divulge a team's draft priorities six months in advance of the actual draft. We won't know whether or not Buffalo's priorities have changed for another three months or so, but for now, Wilson has backed off of his earlier comments.

"If there is not a quarterback at No. 3 we like, we're not going to reach and take him," Wilson told The Buffalo News this week. "We're going to take the player we like best."

Sounds like Mr. Wilson's GM is putting words into Ralph's ear. (Maybe that's a good thing.)