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Blaine Gabbert To Bills In Don Banks Mock Draft

It's not the first time it's happened, and it certainly won't be the last time, either: a NFL mock drafter has projected Missouri junior quarterback Blaine Gabbert to the Buffalo Bills with the third overall pick. Today, it's Don Banks of Sports Illustrated.

Writes Banks: "Scouts like Gabbert's arm, his football sense and his prototypical NFL size. Now all he has to do is give them a comfort zone that his transition from Missouri's spread offense to an NFL-style passing game won't be more than he can handle... if Gabbert is deemed franchise QB material, No. 3 seems like the right time at the right price in whatever rookie wage scale is to come."

No, I have no idea what he meant by the last part of that blurb.

I'm in the midst of boning up on Gabbert, as well as the rest of the underclassmen quarterbacks (i.e. Cam Newton). I'll reserve judgment on the logic of the pick for the moment. I'm sure many of you, however, have opinions to share on yet another mock draft. Who here likes Gabbert?