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January 28, 1991: Rally Held For AFC Champion Buffalo Bills

The day after their heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XXV, Buffalo welcomed home their Bills with a huge rally on the steps of City Hall. While many fans and sportswriters were stuck in Florida without a flight home, those that had watched the game in their living rooms came out to greet the returning team.

An estimated crowd of 20,000 people were at the event, which featured speeches from team members. Fans chanted, "We want Scott! We want Scott!" in reference to Scott Norwood, who missed the final, fateful kick.

Local newsman and current Voice of the Bills John Murphy had this recollection to conclude his article on the loss yesterday.

Today is the anniversary but it was the next day, the day after Super Bowl XXV, that I still consider the greatest day in Buffalo Sports history. That was the day thousands gathered to salute the Super Bowl losers in Niagara Square and absolve Scott Norwood. An amazing act of civic forgiveness revealing the true heart and soul of Buffalo sports fans. And I still believe, twenty years later, that heart, that soul, that passion will someday be rewarded with a championship.

Were any of you there that day for the rally? Share your thoughts in the comments section.