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Bills Tie Franchise Record With 13 Turnovers In Consecutive Games

The Buffalo Bills combined for 13 turnovers in their final two games this season, blowout losses to the New England Patriots and New York Jets. Only once before in franchise history have the Bills turned the ball over with such ferocity in consecutive games.

The 1976 Bills finished the year a dismal 2-12. In the midst of their season-ending ten-game losing streak, the Bills faced two divisional opponents and surrendered 13 turnovers in two games.

In Week 8, the Bills gave up a ghoulish five turnovers on Halloween to the Jets, as QB Gary Marangi threw three picks and the Bills lost two fumbles in a 19-14 loss. The following week, Buffalo turned the ball over eight times, the highest total in franchise history, against, fittingly, the Patriots. Marangi threw four picks and the Bills lost four fumbles, but scored a late touchdown to make it a somewhat respectable 20-10 defeat.

Marangi was in the lineup to replace the injured Joe Ferguson. He had a dismal 35% completion percentage in 1976, and holds the record for most interceptions per pass attempt in Bills franchise history.

The 2010 Bills lost four fumbles a week ago, with Ryan Fitzpatrick throwing three interceptions. Yesterday, Brian Brohm and Levi Brown combined for four interceptions, while the offense fumbled the ball twice.