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Stevie Johnson Not Worrying About Potential NFL Lockout

A potential NFL lockout has many current players openly wondering what the future holds. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson isn't one of those players - with one minor caveat.

Johnson appeared on The Greg Brady Show on The Fan 590 Toronto to discuss a myriad of topics, with the interview ending on the lockout possibility. Buffalo's break-out wide receiver won't be changing his approach to the off-season much despite the growing likelihood that he won't be working next September.

"I just go into it just like I do any other off-season, just continue doing my workouts and hanging out with the family and everything," Johnson said. "With it being a lockout on the horizon, yeah, you save more money and more checks, but that's probably the only thing… well, I can't say the only thing, because just coming into the league, I don't have that much anyway.

"That's probably the only difference that I'll pay attention to in the off-season, is spending habits."

Brady then mentioned that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needed to give money to the players, not take it away. Johnson jokingly agreed.

"He already took a little bit from me, but it's all good," Johnson said.