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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Marshawn Lynch An NFL Playoff Hero

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It's been over three months since the Buffalo Bills traded Marshawn Lynch to the Seattle Seahawks. We've since seen the Bills play 12 games without their 2007 first-round draft pick. It's probably too early to call Lynch a distant memory to Bills fans, but I think it's fair to say that most Bills fans had gotten used to life without Lynch.

We've seen former Bills move on to better teams and become great players for championship contenders. Lots of Bills fans hate when it happens. I don't, but I'll admit to feeling the smallest twinge of frustration amidst the awe-inspiring hilarity that was Lynch's 67-yard, game-clinching touchdown rush in Seattle's upset playoff win over the defending champion New Orleans Saints.

An NBC breakdown had him breaking nine Saints tackles on the play, and his stiff-arm on Super Bowl XLIV hero Tracy Porter more closely resembled a knockout punch from a Rocky film. Across the country, thousands - perhaps millions - of football fans screamed "Beast Mode!" Lynch fell backward into the end zone, flexed, and got hugged on the sidelines by just about every Seahawk in the organization.

I'm quite certain the Bills don't regret trading Lynch. Maybe a few fans regret the move after seeing Lynch run all over the Saints as the 7-9 Seahawks pulled a monumental upset. The only thing I have to say on the matter is this: good for you, Marshawn.