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Power Play Of The Week: Leodis McKelvin vs. Dez Bryant

Each week, we're asked to talk about the one play from the previous Buffalo Bills game that defined the game, or determined the game's outcome. I can think of no better play this week than Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant's touchdown grab over Bills cornerback Leodis McKelvin.

Aside from the opening kickoff (a touchback), this was the fifth play of the game. Dallas had already driven 46 yards in just four plays, keyed by a 15-yard screen pass to DeMarco Murray and a 25-yard go route to Jesse Holley. On the latter play, Holley climbed the ladder and took a pass away from Terrence McGee.

Bryant would climb the ladder and take a pass away from McKelvin, as well, when Tony Romo threw him the ball down the right sideline on a stop-and-go route. McKelvin covered the route well, but when the ball was in the air, it was clear that Bryant wanted it more. He got it, the Cowboys went up 7-0, and this play served as a symbol for how the rest of the 44-7 blowout loss would play out for Buffalo.