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Buffalo Bills Fantasy Sleeper, Week 11: RB C.J. Spiller

Picking a fantasy football sleeper out of the Buffalo Bills' sleep-walking offensive arsenal has been an exercise in futility over the past few weeks. The big guns (aside from stud running back Fred Jackson) aren't even performing; why would someone on the periphery of the team's plans suddenly break out?

Saying that C.J. Spiller could be in for a break-out performance is even sillier; the second-year running back out of Clemson is barely a factor in Buffalo, having logged just four total touches in his last three games. He's been an also-ran his entire professional career.

Chan Gailey must have seen something on film about the Miami Dolphins that had him thinking Spiller could be effective last year, however. Spiller only touched the ball 10 or more times in three games last season, and that included both Dolphins games. No, he was not effective - he had 51 yards on those 22 touches - but the effort to get Spiller involved was there.

Who knows? Maybe Gailey still thinks Spiller can make plays against Miami, and gives him more opportunities tomorrow. At least we're not writing another sleeper column about Donald Jones.