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Buffalo Bills Seeking Five-Game "Home" Winning Streak

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Whether we as Buffalo Bills fans like it or not, the NFL scores the team's annual trek to Toronto as a home game. As such, the Bills are 4-0 in home games this season, and will look to make it five in a row against the New York Jets this weekend. That got us thinking: when was the last time the Bills had a five-game winning streak on home turf?

The answer is 2004. That year, the Bills started off 0-4, but went on a 9-2 run to get to 9-6 before falling (at home) in the regular season finale, bringing their playoff hopes to a crushing halt. Buffalo won five straight games at Ralph Wilson Stadium during that 9-2 stretch to get into playoff position.

Prior to that, the Bills last won five straight home games in 1998. Oddly, the Bills started that season 0-3, then finished the season on a 10-3 run behind the play of from-the-ashes quarterback Doug Flutie. During their 10-3 run, the Bills won six straight games at home.

Can the Bills make it five straight this weekend, dear readers? Or, if they do win, will you still only consider it a four-game winning streak?