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Bills vs. Dolphins Predictions: Buffalo Seeking 6-4 Record

We're two hours away from the kickoff of today's huge game between the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins. It's time to make final predictions, and we'll start with Kevin Nogle of

"Maybe it's the homer in me, but I really like the Dolphins in this game," writes Nogle. "The one aspect that really worries me is Ryan Fitzpatrick. If he has time, especially against the soft zones the Dolphins play, he will pick apart Miami, and it won't be hard. But I think the Dolphins are finally onto something here, and can pull this one out. I love the fact that it's an AFC East game, because I think if Miami wins this one, the fan base will finally switch back to rooting for the 2011 team, rather than splitting their loyalty with the 2012 team. It's going to be close, but I have Miami 17, Buffalo 14."

Nogle is, in my estimation, right about one thing: Fitzpatrick will have an easier time throwing the ball today than he has in recent weeks. I expect a small offensive revival for the Bills, and far better balance than what we saw in Weeks 9 and 10. The defense, however, could have problems with Miami's offense. I like the Bills to win this game, but it'll be a close contest. Bills 24, Dolphins 20.

What's your game prediction, Bills fans? (And heck, we'd like to hear from Dolphins fans, too!)