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Poll: Did Buffalo Bills Extend Ryan Fitzpatrick Too Soon?

The Buffalo Bills signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to what is effectively a seven-year, $62 million contract on October 28. The deal guaranteed Fitzpatrick $24 million - $10 million of which has already been paid - and will pay him $33 million in base salary in the first three years of the deal.

When Fitzpatrick signed the contract, he was in the midst of putting together a career year. After a solid 2010 campaign working with Chan Gailey, Fitzpatrick had completed 66.3 percent of his passes (134-of-202) for 1,477 yards with 12 touchdowns, six interceptions, and a quarterback rating of 92.3. He took six sacks in those first seven games.

In the four games since the extension - including the 23-0 post-bye drubbing of Washington - Fitzpatrick has completed 59.4 percent of his throws (76-of-128) for 808 yards, with four touchdowns, eight interceptions, and a dismal quarterback rating of 62.2. He's been sacked five times in those four games, almost equaling his pre-extension total.

Fitzpatrick is not the type of player to ease up after cashing in, so for real: get that out of your head. And obviously, the Bills have more problems than just quarterback play. But clearly, Fitzpatrick has played more like the 2009 Fitzpatrick than the 2010 version. Our question for you: did the Bills jump the gun on the rich contract extension?