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Bills vs. Jets Key Matchup: Targeting Kyle Wilson

The New York Jets, under the guidance of Rex Ryan, run their defense with two things in mind: confuse opponents with pressure packages, and build a great secondary. The Jets certainly have talent in the secondary, as it features the game's best corner (Darrelle Revis) and one of the game's best pure athletes (Antonio Cromartie).

Those two players match up well against anybody, and that's especially true against the Buffalo Bills. Revis is expected to spend most of his Sunday shadowing Stevie Johnson, easily the Bills' best play-maker at receiver. Cromartie and his lanky 6'2" frame will cause issues for the Bills' second-leading receiver, David Nelson.

With that talent, the Jets have held opposing passers to a 60.5 quarterback rating this season. It's going to be tough sledding for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the aerial attack on Sunday. That said, if there's a spot that the Bills can make plays, it's against the Jets' third cornerback, former first-round pick Kyle Wilson.

There's nothing inherently wrong with Wilson, mind you. He struggled a bit earlier in his career, but has developed into a pretty talented and useful sub-package cornerback. He's only 5'10" - that's why the Jets are likely to put Cromartie on Nelson - so Wilson is likely to spend his time on Sunday matching up against the likes of Donald Jones (if he plays), Naaman Roosevelt and perhaps even Brad Smith or C.J. Spiller.

The Jets will be going into the game with the idea of stopping not Johnson or Nelson first, but Fred Jackson, who has been one of the four or five best offensive players in the league this year. With Jackson the likely focal point of the Jets' game plan - and with Johnson and Nelson likely rendered afterthoughts due to the talent they're playing across from - it's imperative that Buffalo's second-fiddle offensive weapons (a group that includes Scott Chandler, as well) make plays on Sunday.

That group is certainly capable of making plays, and Wilson - who may spend time on all of those players - is talented enough to hold his own. Even still, if the Jets have a vulnerability in their back seven, that's the spot - and the Bills are capable of exploiting that. They cannot rely solely on that exploitation, mind you - it's especially important for Jackson to continue his dominating ways this weekend - but the team can't be one-dimensional, and they'll need to make plays through the air.

Keeping Fitzpatrick protected is the first goal, and Ryan is capable of sacking quarterbacks from the sideline with good scheming. If they can keep Fitzpatrick clean a good majority of the time, however, expect the Bills to target Wilson - and hope that Buffalo's second group of offensive skill players is capable of beating the second-year cover corner.