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LSU vs. Alabama: College Football, 2012 NFL Draft Open Thread

Because the Buffalo Bills are 5-2 and in legitimate playoff contention (for now), we've stayed as far away from NFL Draft talk and college football as possible this year. Tonight's incredible one-versus-two matchup between LSU and Alabama, however, is intriguing enough that we thought we'd toss up an open thread for everyone to talk about this game.

And, what the heck, since we know you'll ask: yes, there are 2012 NFL Draft prospects we're going to be checking out in this game, as well as players from a few other games this evening that are worth some of your time. If you're interested, the names of those players (and other contests) are after the jump.

7:15, ESPN: (9) South Carolina at (7) Arkansas. We'll drop in on this game purely to take a look at South Carolina wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who is an immensely talented receiver.

8:00, CBS: (1) LSU at (2) Alabama. This is an SEC game between two power teams, so there's NFL talent all over the field. We're going to be focused on two outstanding cornerback prospects: Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama, and Morris Claiborne of LSU.

8:00, ABC: Notre Dame at Wake Forest. If you're into skipping over college football's Super Bowl for a game between two crappy unranked teams, at least you'll get to see Notre Dame wideout Michael Floyd in this one.

8:00, ESPN2: (14) Kansas State at (3) Oklahoma State. This is another huge game, and in it, you'll see one of the best 2012 prospects, period, in Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon.