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NFL Power Rankings, Week 10: Buffalo Settling Near League Average

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The Buffalo Bills haven't won two games in a row since their 3-0 start - they're 2-3 since beating New England - and with every alternate loss, the Bills dip a bit lower in weekly NFL power rankings.

This week, the Bills are settling near the middle of the league after an embarrassing 27-11 home loss to the New York Jets. In fact, of the lists that we keep track of each week, the Bills don't rank any higher than No. 13, where the pollsters at have them.

No. 14 is a popular spot for the Bills this week; that's where Mike Florio, Brian Billick and the folks at have them slotted. As for Peter King, the Bills are the last team to make the cut in his weekly Fine 15.

Read the lists individually if you like; or, we can sum up the general sentiment of the rhetoric for you here: the Bills still have a ton to prove, and they've got an uphill climb to make the playoffs.