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Power Play Of The Week: Buffalo Bills' First-Half Winner

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Each week, I talk about one play from the Buffalo Bills' most recent game that stuck out as a game-changer in our Power Play of the Week series. Quite frankly, Sunday's 27-11 loss to the New York Jets was such a dreary affair that it's tough for me to think of any one play that stuck out as a game-changer. The Jets dominated from beginning to end.

That game fell at a convenient time, however - so rather than do a Power Play of the Week, we'll do a Power Play of the First Half of the 2011 Season. Eight games in, the Bills are 5-3 - a far cry from the 0-8 record they sported a year ago - and have made many big plays in getting themselves into playoff contention.

Of all of those big plays, however, none were bigger than the 27-yard interception return for a touchdown provided by Drayton Florence in the Bills' 34-31 Week 3 win over the New England Patriots. That score gave the Bills a 31-24 lead after trailing 21-0 in the first half, and was the biggest play in a game that ended Buffalo's 15-game losing streak to New England.