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Buffalo Bills' Ryan Fitzpatrick Hits A Career Low

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was terrible in yesterday's loss to the San Diego Chargers. In the 37-10 defeat, Fitzpatrick completed a pitiful 38.2 percent (13-of-34) of his passes for 176 yards, and also threw two horrific interceptions - one of which was returned for a touchdown and put the game out of reach in the third quarter.

After three years of watching Fitzpatrick in Buffalo, this was clearly the worst "Bad Fitzpatrick" performance we've seen - and we've witnessed more than a few "Good Fitzpatrick" performances, as well. Get used to this, folks. Fitzpatrick is the NFL's version of a streak shooter in basketball - you get a lot of cold spells with the hot ones.

Bills fans are undoubtedly talking about quarterback prospects available in the 2012 NFL Draft today; heck, some started weeks ago. That's not without merit: the rookie wage scale gives Buffalo the opportunity to draft a quarterback they like even after giving Fitzpatrick a fat contract extension just before Halloween. Nothing has changed for the Bills: they'll draft a quarterback if they like one, just as they would have a year ago when they had the No. 3 pick.

Just don't count on one being available when the Bills pick near the back end of the Top 10 next April - and if they can't get one, get used to occasional performances like this one.