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Poll: Should Chan Gailey Be On The Hot Seat?

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The big news on the NFL circuit this fine Monday morning: the Kansas City Chiefs have fired head coach Todd Haley. The news is not surprising, but it is certainly interesting, considering the Chiefs - minus their quarterback - are less than a year removed from an AFC West championship.

It got us wondering: if Haley can be fired after a division championship and a 19-27 overall record (including a playoff loss) in less than three seasons, doesn't it stand to reason that the Buffalo Bills' Chan Gailey - who is now 9-20 in less than two seasons - might be on the hot seat?

Gailey's brief tenure as Bills head coach began with an eight-game losing streak, and right now, the team is currently on a six-game run of losses. Those 0-14 (combined) bookends sandwiched a brief oasis of 9-6, when the Bills looked like they were on the verge of being a playoff contender. The big factor working in Gailey's favor that ultimately led to Haley's demise: he has a good relationship with his GM (Buddy Nix), where Haley's relationship with Scott Pioli was largely troubled.

Still, we'll ask you: should Chan Gailey be on the hot seat?