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Poll: Which Bills Player Should Be Extended Next?

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Scratch right tackle Erik Pears off of the list of Buffalo Bills players in need of a contract extension; the team took care of that earlier today. That brings us to today's poll question: which Bills player should be next on the list of players to negotiate with?

Chris Brown of put out a list of "notable" impending Bills free agents after the Pears signing was announced, and I believe that coherent arguments can be made for re-signing all six players on the list. Those players are wide receivers Stevie Johnson and Roscoe Parrish, tight end Scott Chandler, offensive tackle Demetrius Bell, safety-slash-linebacker Bryan Scott, and kicker Rian Lindell.

We imagine that Johnson will be a landslide winner, but don't let our best guesses sway your vote. Nor should you let one man's opinion sway it, either: I firmly believe that of the players on that list, Chandler is the guy that should be next in line for a deal. I say that not because I'd prioritize him over Johnson, but because signing him to a deal should be as easy as signing Pears was. Think less priority, and more of putting together a to-do list: sometimes, you knock off the easy stuff before tackling the important stuff, because you can.