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Chargers 37, Bills 10: Top Five Defensive Plays

Even in embarrassing defeat, we must search for five good defensive plays made by the Buffalo Bills. I could only come up with four from Sunday's 37-10 loss at the hands of the San Diego Chargers; perhaps someone else remembers a good play that I missed while mentally projectile vomiting.

No. 4: Justin Rogers breaks up a pass intended for Vincent Jackson. I remember this play because I remember being impressed by Rogers - not just as a kick returner, but by the fact that he's been good for one solid defensive play per game since getting into the lineup as a nickel corner.

No. 3: Alex Carrington blocks an extra point. This ensured that the Bills trailed 13-0, instead of 14-0. The play was ultimately meaningless, but it was still a good play.

No. 2: Marcell Dareus sacks Philip Rivers. On a well-executed stunt run with Chris Kelsay, both the veteran and the rookie get pressure on Rivers, and Dareus brought him down for sack No. 4.5 on the season. This was the only good play on an absolutely horrific opening series for Buffalo's defense.

No. 1: Bryan Scott capitalizes on a very Rivers fumble. Scott puts duress on Rivers, Rivers does something strange and awkward that causes the goofiest-looking fumble in the history of the league, and Scott falls on it in the end zone for what looked like a meaningful touchdown that made it a 16-10 ball game. San Diego scored 21 straight points from that moment forward.