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Bills vs. Dolphins: J.P. Losman Taking First-Team Reps

Which Miami Dolphins quarterback will the Buffalo Bills be playing against this Sunday? It seems like media bored to death by a recent string of Bills losses are hoping it'll be J.P. Losman, but don't count out Matt Moore just yet. ran a piece about Losman's chat with Western New York media on Wednesday, and with Moore sidelined due to head and neck injuries, Losman took first-team reps yesterday. I even asked Kevin Nogle of if the Bills would be seeing Losman Sunday, and he guessed in the affirmative.

"Matt Moore didn’t practice on Wednesday, with Losman and third string quarterback Pat Devlin splitting the first team reps," noted Nogle. "I think Losman starts Sunday, and if he struggles at all, Devlin comes in. May as well see what the rookie has to offer."

At least one Dolphins beat reporters (Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post) is hearing, however, that Moore - who does not have a concussion, and was at practice yesterday - is still in line to start against Buffalo. So if you're dreaming of a J.P./Tebow Christmas week at Ralph Wilson Stadium, know that for now, half of that dream isn't set in stone yet.