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Discussion: Buffalo Bills Players "Finishing Strong"

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Over the past several weeks, as the Buffalo Bills have slipped from playoff contention and into the 2012 NFL Draft's Top 10 picks amidst a seven-game losing streak, players have insisted that the team is trying to "finish strong." Fans aren't holding their breath that that'll actually happen, what with only two games remaining. But the thought is nice, anyway.

And if the team doesn't finish strong, at least a few players are. C.J. Spiller and Justin Rogers come to mind, and there are obviously more players that have been performing well and making plays of late, as well. Our question for you: if you could pick just one Bills player that you'd like to see finish the year strong, which player would it be?

I expect that there will be many answers offered to this question, but the predominant answer, I'm guessing, will be quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. While two strong outings in meaningless games to end the year wouldn't do much to quell the doubt about his status as a $59 million man that has crept up over the last two months, but it might provide some calm and reason to the discussions surrounding him. That, and the Bills themselves might be able to breathe a bit easier this off-season.