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Bills vs. Broncos Predictions: Can Buffalo End Losing Streak?

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The Buffalo Bills have lost seven straight games, while the Denver Broncos have won seven of their last nine and are playing for an AFC West championship and a home playoff game. Obviously, it's easy to predict a Broncos win at Ralph Wilson Stadium today, and that's exactly what I'm doing here.

Denver's offense, led by its strong running game and orchestrated by Tim Tebow, is perfectly suited to exploit a slow Bills defense. Tebow and Denver's running backs are capable of getting to the edge, where Buffalo struggles in particular to defend the run. They should be able to establish their ground game early, opening up the play-action game, where Tebow and Demaryius Thomas have been effective.

Defensively, Denver's lethal pass rushing combination of Elvis Dumervil and rookie Von Miller are so fast and athletic that they should be able to disrupt Buffalo's timing passing offense by themselves - and as Chan Gailey has been mostly unwilling to be a run-first team this year, it's hard to imagine C.J. Spiller doing enough to keep the Bills in it for four quarters.

This, in my opinion, is just a poor matchup for Buffalo - just as it was in the pre-season, when they were dominated 24-10. I'll stick with the same score for today's game. What's your prediction?