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Bills 40, Broncos 14: Top Five Defensive Plays

For a second straight week, the Buffalo Bills provided plenty to choose from in our weekly series defining the top five defensive plays from the previous weekend's game. Buffalo's defense made huge plays and scored two touchdowns as the Bills toppled the Denver Broncos at home, winning 40-14. On to the plays!

No. 5: Aaron Williams intercepts Tim Tebow in the end zone. With time running out and the Bills holding a commanding lead, Tebow threw up a pass toward Eddie Royal on a stop-and-go route in the back corner of the end zone. Williams played the receiver perfectly and made the pick to preserve Buffalo's 26-point lead.

No. 4: Chris Kelsay sacks Tebow for a seven-yard loss. CBS announcers and NFL fans everywhere were beginning to sense "Tebow Time" as the Broncos drove, but Kelsay helped begin the Bills' process of ending the comeback parade with a seven-yard sack as Denver drove. It was Kelsay's second sack of the day in what was perhaps the best game of his nine-year career.

No. 3: Justin Rogers intercepts Tebow and returns to the DEN 27. Denver trailed just 23-14 early in the fourth quarter - where Tebow has made his mark - but facing a 3rd-and-11, Tebow floated an ill-advised pass over the middle that fell into Rogers' lap. Rogers made the pick - and then a couple of guys miss - in returning the ball deep into Denver territory. Dave Rayner would add a field goal on the ensuing possession (his fourth of the day), making the score 23-14.

No. 2: Jairus Byrd intercepts Tebow and returns for a TD. Tebow had already begun to melt down, but Byrd accelerated the process by jumping a seam route, picking off the pass, and promptly returning it for a touchdown. The play gave the Bills a 33-14 lead, and put the nail in Denver's proverbial coffin.

No. 1: Spencer Johnson intercepts Tebow and returns for a TD. If Byrd's big play was the nail in the coffin, then Johnson's pick-six was the icing on the cake. Kelsay beat the right tackle cleanly and collided with a rolling Tebow as he threw; the ball subsequently popped into the air, and Johnson collected it in and promptly raced 17 yards for one of the goofiest touchdowns you'll ever witness. This was the final score in the game, giving the Bills a 40-burger against a team vying for an AFC West title.