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Dropped Passes A Recent Theme For Buffalo Bills

Amidst a five-game losing streak, Buffalo Bills fans are searching for answers. One of the themes of the past week-plus has been that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't getting help from his receivers.

There's good circumstantial evidence to support that theory. Stevie Johnson's highly-publicized drop in Week 12 has already been mythicized into a drop that cost the team a win, and on Sunday, three noticeable drops (one by Naaman Roosevelt and two by C.J. Spiller) helped contribute to a lackluster offensive effort.

That got fans thinking: how unreliable have the Bills been in that department? The answer: they've been pretty reliable. Bills receivers have dropped just 17 passes through 12 games, according to Stats, Inc. - that's tied for the sixth-lowest total in the league.

Let's open this up for discussion: Buffalo's receivers have, by and large, been a point of contention this season. They've been productive, but they've also had depth issues, and there's also a perceived lack of talent. Is this an area that the Bills should consider upgrading in the off-season - even if, as a group, they've proven themselves fairly reliable?