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Drayton Florence Says Cancel Your Season Tickets

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Drayton Florence, like all NFL free agents, stands to greatly benefit from a new Collective Bargaining Agreement being signed. Florence, who has changed his last name to "Free Agent" on Twitter, is now trying to help the fans reach the owners.

In a tweet sent yesterday afternoon, "Drayton Free Agent" told all NFL season ticket holders they should hit the owners in the pocketbook so they will give in to the NFL Players' Association.

"All season ticket holders need to cancel untill a new CBA deal is done," said the cornerback. He then added the hashtag "#cancelseasontickets"to further emphasize his message.

Drayton, having millionaires battle it out publicly with billionaires isn't in the best interests of either the NFLPA or the NFL owners. The fans really don't care if the players get a slightly larger piece of the enormous NFL money pot. Fans shouldn't cancel their season tickets to spite the owners, just like they shouldn't go up to a player on the street and tell him their opinions on the matter. The simple fact is that NFL fans are way worse off than both sides and are unsympathetic.

Florence is coming across as greedy and money-hungry on Twitter. I like his play on the field and have liked his use of Twitter in the past while answering fan questions. This off-season has been completely different and I, for one, hope he moves back towards the fan-friendly Drayton instead of the anti-owners Drayton.