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Buffalo Bills Will Hold Season Ticket Prices Steady In 2011

Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has made a wise decision and not raised season ticket prices from 2010 after the team's 4-12 season. The price was raised in 2010 after holding for several years.

In a letter to season ticket holders in which he admitted that the 2010 season "did not meet our expectations," Wilson said that the team will be keeping the per-game prices for 2011 season ticket packages, but gave no details about the prices for non-season ticket holders. In addition, Wilson said that the team will offer reduced deposit requirements and flexible payment options for season tickets "until the uncertainty of the CBA is resolved."

The full letter is after the jump.

The 2010 season certainly did not meet our expectations, but i feel we are building a strong foundation for our future. Coach Chan Gailey, General Manager Buddy Nix and the entire football staff are already hard at work preparing for the 2011 season with the focus of turning the Buffalo Bills into a championship caliber team.

On the business side, we are also working hard to provide the best possible game day experience for our fans. We appreciate the passion and the loyalty you have shown as a season ticket holder, even in these difficult financial times. With this in mind, we will be keeping the per game prices for our 2011 season tickets packages the same as 2010.

We have received many inquiries from our fans regarding the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with our players. In recent years, I have spoken at length about the importance of a fair and balanced CBA to a small market franchise like ours. I am hopeful that a new CBA will be agreed to in time to avoid any disruption to our preparations for 2011. Our entire organization joins Commissioner Roger Goodell in his commitment to work tirelessly to produce an extension to the CBA that is fair to our players and the clubs as well as good for our fans and the game of football.

Until the uncertainty of the CBA is resolved, we will be offering a reduced season ticket deposit requirements and flexible payment options. A more detailed explanation of your payments options and of the NFL's ticket refund policy in the event games are canceled for 2011 will be included with your season ticket invoice.