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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 2/1

It ain't hooking - Super Bowl XXV - The Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan's epic article on Super Bowl XXV. He talks with several former Bills players and coaches. It's a must read.

Bills reaping Senior Bowl benefits -
"What we’ve basically done is been able to take probably two weeks worth of film work and we’ve condensed it into one week of working with those guys," said head coach Chan Gailey. "We have an evaluation on these guys now and now it’s time to go on to other (prospects) whoever they are. There are some other seniors that weren’t at the Senior Bowl and then there are the juniors that have declared. We have those as well."

Undrafted rookies may be stuck on sidelines - AFC East Blog - ESPN
The draft may be taking place but free agency is not. Tim Graham looks at the undrafted free agents and how this will affect them.

Buffalo News remember Super Bowl XXV
Super Bowl XXV previews too numerous to print - Jerry Sullivan - The Buffalo News

Jerry Sullivan shares his personal feelings after conducting his interviews for the weekend's Super Bowl XXV recollection and shares some stories that didn't make the cut.

Boys to men: Super Bowl Bills realize they had the time of their lives - The Buffalo News
Sullivan talks with several former Bills about their experiences in Buffalo on those teams.

Game's twists still turn thoughts to 'what-if' scenarios - Super Bowl XXV - The Buffalo News
Jerry Sullivan looks at some plays in the game that, if they go a different way, could mean the Bills win.

A Van-tastic time for an announcer - Super Bowl XXV - The Buffalo News
The unequaled Van Miller discusses the history of the team, Super Bowl XXV, and his eloquent call of the final kick.

Quarter-by-Quarter Report - Super Bowl XXV - The Buffalo News
Mark Gaughan's quarter by quarter look goes further back, this time twenty years.

20 years gone: Bills title drifted wide right - AFC East Blog - ESPN
If you don't have time to read all of Sullivan's articles, read Tim Graham's recap.

More Bills Links
An AFC East take on Super Bowl matchup - AFC East Blog - ESPN

Based on games against the AFC East, Tim Graham thinks the Packers are going to beat the Steelers 27-20.

Corey McIntyre: Defense will help Steelers rule in Super Bowl |
"Corey McIntyre has a unique outlook on this year's Super Bowl. That's because the South Fork High School graduate and Buffalo Bills' fullback is one of the few players who has gone up against both the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers during the past season."

Former Bill Andre Reed creates wing sauce |
"Andre reed is coming out with his own signature wing sauce. The former wide receiver wants fans to help him select the best label design for Andre Reed's "Over the Middle" wing sauce. Reed created a website where you can vote. "

Our Favorite Super Bowl Performances: The "Half"-time of Our Lives - ARTISTdirect News
"The king of pop was probably the only exciting thing about this romp of a Super Bowl between the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. The Bills got thoroughly crushed by the Cowboys, 52-17. Soul-crushingly crushed. This was the first Super Bowl where the ratings actually increased during the halftime performance. Speaking as a Buffalo Bills fan, I can attest that they will do that for ya!"

Sports, Ink - Blogs - The Buffalo News
Ten years ago the Bills hired Gregg Williams.

New Offensive Coordinator Meets Media -
New LSU offensive coordinator Steve Kragthorpe mentioned his time with the Bills in his opening presser in Baton Rouge.