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SB Nation At Super Bowl XLV

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Super Bowl XLV is this weekend, and I, for one, am more excited for this Steelers and Packers matchup than I have been for any matchup in in about four years, when New England was upset by the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

If you haven't reached the point where the overwhelming nature of Super Bowl coverage has caused you to blow a gasket due to impatience, you'll definitely want to check out the coverage being provided by We've got three people in Dallas this week, talking to players and taking in all the events in person.

Joel Thorman, who is SB Nation's NFL editor (but may be better-known here as one of the lead bloggers at Arrowhead Pride), is joined by Michael of Behind the Steel Curtain and Brandon of Acme Packing Company. Those three guys are already doing a great job, and with media day and coverage ramping up as the week closes, their work is going to come at a faster pace.

All of SB Nation's Super Bowl coverage will appear on our Super Bowl hub page, including live reports from Dallas, as well as all of the storylines and frivolities covered by editors. (You may even see my name peek in there once or twice.)