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Report: Buffalo Bills Will Don White Helmets In 2011

If you don't read Uni Watch, which covers all things sports apparel, you may want to bookmark the blog for the coming months now that the Buffalo Bills new uniforms are coming out.

Paul Lukas, who maintains Uni Watch, has a report up this morning citing a source with more details on the Bills' new uniforms. Lukas, who has known about the Bills' upcoming change since December but has not seen the design, quotes his source as follows:

These new Bills uniforms are clearly modeled after the later Simpson-era design, including the white helmet, but they’ve been updated to include a tiny amount of navy blue trim.

This is a change that Bills fans have been clamoring for for a long time, but Lukas makes a good point: if the team continues to stay monochromatic at home and on the road, these could still be quite hideous. What do you make of the white helmets and the navy trim, Bills fans?