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Might The Bills Be A Good Fit For Cam Newton?

I promise that this will be the last post on Auburn quarterback Cam Newton today. In covering the Tony Pauline report - the one that claims six NFL teams rate Newton as the best prospect in the 2011 NFL Draft - this morning at, I spoke briefly about all of the teams in the top half of the draft that might be interested in taking Newton.

Clearly, in that light, I touched a little bit on Newton's fit with the Buffalo Bills. Give the full article a read if you like, but here is my chunk on the Bills:

Buffalo Bills (No. 3): This might actually be a beneficial situation for Newton. The Bills have a quarterback that they think they can win with in Ryan Fitzpatrick, but their brain trust (GM Buddy Nix and head coach Chan Gailey) seem aware of the fact that he's not a long-term answer, as well. Here, Newton would be out of the spotlight for at least a year as he sat behind Fitzpatrick, worked with Gailey's coaching staff, and learned Gailey's offense. Buffalo has been looking for a franchise quarterback since Jim Kelly's retirement; they'd better be right if they pass on Newton.

Nix and Gailey obviously won't be looking at this from a league-wide standpoint, and thus the idea that Buffalo might be one of the best fits for Newton this year - which is an argument that I believe has a ton of merit - won't be part of the team's evaluation. What are your thoughts, Bills fans? Do you agree that there might not be a better team fit for Newton than Buffalo?