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Chan Gailey High On Kelvin Sheppard's Instincts

Chan Gailey and the Buffalo Bills are now two weeks removed from coaching in the 2011 Senior Bowl, but we're still finding noteworthy nuggets to bring back up from that very busy week in Mobile. One little tidbit that completely avoided my radar dealt with one of the best inside linebacker prospects available in the 2011 NFL Draft - LSU's Kelvin Sheppard.

Gailey, who coached Sheppard on the South team, spoke very highly of Sheppard at a news conference two weeks ago.

"Shep is a pretty good force inside inside in there," Gailey said. "He has really taken charge of the defense. He’s making all the calls for us on the defensive side. He’s doing a really good job of finding the football. He can come take on the run and he’s fast enough and aware enough to go cover up some pass situations. I think his instincts may be as good as anybody’s on the football field. He has great instincts. He’s a big, strong guy. I’ve been very impressed."

Gailey wasn't shy about talking up any of his players - his comments about Von Miller have received the most notoriety in these parts - but his words on Sheppard bordered on lavish praise. Just something to keep in mind as April approaches.