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Bills Investigating Ralph Wilson Stadium Playing Surface Upgrade

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Back in early February, ESPN's Tim Graham wrote about an NFLPA poll that named the surface at Ralph Wilson Stadium as the worst artificial playing surface in the NFL. The Buffalo Bills installed their current playing surface, called AstroPlay, just prior to the start of the 2003 season.

Perhaps in light of those poll results, it appears that the Bills are investigating an upgrade to the playing surface at The Ralph. Erie County has a listing for "stadium artificial grass replacement" in the business classifieds that you can view at The Buffalo News website. (Simply search 'Ralph Wilson Stadium' in the business section, and the ad soliciting bids will appear.)

If Erie County and the Bills can agree to an upgrade in Buffalo's playing surface, we can also eliminate one more excuse if Buffalo's players continue to get injured at an alarming rate.

Kudos to reader Lancelot Link for pointing this out to us.