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Chris Collins: Bills Could Add Second Toronto Game

Erie County Executive Chris Collins spoke with Scott Brown of WGRZ on Tuesday, expressing confidence that the county and New York State can reach a new lease agreement with the Buffalo Bills once a new NFL CBA is in place.

Collins also told Brown that he believes that the NFL, when a new agreement is reached, will have an 18-game schedule - and that if that happens, the Bills could export two of their nine home games to Toronto.

"I believe there will be 18 regular season games, not 16," Collins told Brown. "I think as we have 18 regular season games, it would not be difficult to say if we have nine regular season games at home, we could have two of those up in Toronto."

The Bills signed a deal prior to the 2008 season that, in total, called for five regular season and three pre-season games to be played at Toronto's Rogers Centre over a five-year period. All signs point to that deal being extended at some juncture.