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Report: Bills, Broncos Discussed Trade For OT Ryan Harris

FOX 31 in Denver is reporting that the Denver Broncos tried to trade starting offensive tackle Ryan Harris during the 2010 season. The Buffalo Bills were mentioned as one of the conversing parties, along with the Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, and Oakland Raiders.

Harris' contract with the Broncos will expire when the league year ends in a couple weeks. He has played for four years in Denver. If the old CBA rules on free agency return, he will be an unrestricted free agent. If, however, the current CBA rules on restricted free agency remain in place, he will be an RFA.

The right tackle started 34 games for Denver over the last four years, including all 16 in 2008. In 2010, an ankle injury suffered in the final pre-season game prevented him from playing in the first three games, and limited him for the first two upon his return.