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Terry Pegula To Purchase Buffalo Sabres From Tom Golisano

Back in early December, reports first surfaced that the NHL's Buffalo Sabres were on the verge of being sold to Pennsylvania businessman Terry Pegula. Yesterday, the Sabres announced that a purchase deal had been finalized between Pegula and previous owner Tom Golisano; ESPN reported the sale at $175 million, with another $14 million in liabilities.

We bring this up here for two reasons. One is self-serving; we encourage you to discuss the sale from a Sabres perspective at our sister site, Die By The Blade. On a more pertinent level to this community, it's another small step in a possible ownership change for the Buffalo Bills.

When Pegula's name first surfaced in December, we wrote about it here because Bucky Gleason (The Buffalo News) reported that Pegula may have a future interest in buying the Bills once Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. passes away. That report was merely speculative, and nothing has changed - but people close to Pegula continue to maintain that a future purchase of the Bills is something that the new Sabres owner is intrigued by. Pegula is a multi-billionaire, and he'd be able to buy the Bills because they're in the same market as the Sabres. (League rules would prevent other owners, such as the Boston Bruins' Jeremy Jacobs - a WNY native - from purchasing the Bills because they are not in the same market.)

This will be the last time we touch on this subject for the foreseeable future, as this is still Ralph's team. Store it in the deep recesses of your mind, though - at some point down the line, this information will be very important.