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Larry Fitzgerald Thinks Bills Could Win NFC West

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is making the media rounds at Super Bowl XLV this week. He spoke with SB Nation's Joel Thorman this morning (we have evidence), and also briefly touched on the Buffalo Bills in an article put together by Mike Reiss at

Wait. What?

Upon further review: Reiss asked Fitzgerald - who is heading into the final year of his contract - about the Patriots. Fitzgerald said that their success starts with Bill Belichick, and in complimenting the fact that Belichick's Patriots continually win the AFC East, Larry almost gave the Bills some praise. Kind of. Maybe.

"[Belichick]’s the only coach in history to have four seasons with 14 wins, and that alone, speaks volumes of what he’s able to accomplish, especially in that division," Fitzgerald told Reiss. "I think you’re looking at the NFL’s strongest division, from top to bottom. If Buffalo played in the NFC West, they’d probably win the NFC West. That’s a strong, strong division and he’s found a way to win it [eight] times. It’s astonishing."

(Above paragraph emphasis is mine.) What do you think, Bills fans - is Fitzgerald complimenting Buffalo in any sense of the word? I'll just say this: that home playoff win over New Orleans would've been sweet.