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Wes Bunting: Teams Not Yet Sold On Blaine Gabbert

On Friday, we spent a considerable amount of time talking about quarterbacks in the 2011 NFL Draft. One quarterback that should be getting discussed more frequently amongst the Buffalo Bills fan base, Missouri's Blaine Gabbert, was the subject of a recent report from Wes Bunting of the National Football Post. Bunting reports that he has not yet spoken with an NFL scout who is convinced that Gabbert is worthy of a first-round pick.

"The same can be said for Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert, haven’t talked to any scout who had convictions in giving the guy a first round grade," Bunting writes.

Now, clearly, Bunting hasn't spoken with every scout in the NFL. Scouts don't need to be entirely truthful when speaking with someone who will be making information public, whether it's anonymous or not, either. The junior entrant still has the NFL Combine and Missouri's pro day with which to impress scouts that have only in recent weeks begun film study on him. Don't discount Gabbert quite yet, but this is an interesting rumor to store away in the back of your minds.