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Terrell Owens Leaving A Poor Team, One Year Later

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Remember when Terrell Owens parted ways with the Buffalo Bills? GM Buddy Nix had just taken control of the club, Owens was an unrestricted free agent, and Nix informed Owens and the public that they wouldn't be re-signing the veteran wideout. Owens, upon his departure, thanked the Bills organization and threw a heap of praise on our admittedly awesome fan base.

A year later, Owens is leaving the Cincinnati Bengals. Let's just say things aren't going down as amicably this time.

Our sister site, Cincy Jungle, has a breakdown of a recent NFL Network interview in which Owens kind of went to town on the Bengals organization.

"Obviously if you have your franchise quarterback who is supposed to be that guy for your team trying to get out of there, that’s kind of telling the organization something, and that’s telling a lot of people out there something as well," Owens said.

Perhaps it's just a result of circumstance; Owens should have been much more concerned with rehabilitating his image in 2009, as opposed to last year. But I'm quite relieved that Owens' brief tenure with Buffalo didn't include any charades like this one.