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2011 NFL Draft: Eric DeCosta Sings Cam Newton's Praises

On the day that the Buffalo Bills made Buddy Nix their new general manager - December 31, 2009 - MRW published a post about a GM candidate that I, and many others here, had been openly pining after for some time: Baltimore Ravens Director of Player Personnel Eric DeCosta. There's your background info.

We have heard reports that Nix likes Auburn quarterback Cam Newton "a great deal" heading into the 2011 NFL Draft. We know that there is a very good philosophical base for why Chan Gailey would be a good fit for a quarterback of Newton's talents. I thought it was interesting that DeCosta, working for a team that has no shot at drafting Newton this April, went out of his way to talk the junior up in a recent radio interview.

"He’s got tremendous size. He’s got an absolute cannon for an arm," DeCosta was quoted as saying in The Baltimore Sun. "Let’s face it, he brought Auburn back in a lot of big games this year. He’s got some moxie and he showed some poise and he’s got some ability to win a big game down the stretch. So I think he’s a talented guy and I would expect him to be a pretty high pick and I’m sure he’ll have a great career."