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Bryan Cox Returns To Dolphins As Assistant Coach

Despite pleadings from some of this blog's very own respected minds, I'm in agreement with the general masses: the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins rivalry has waned severely since the days of Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Don't get me wrong - I am extremely pleased when the Bills beat Miami. A Dolphins win is never an unsatisfying win. But minus higher stakes, it would take personalities to make this rivalry sizzle again.

On Monday, the Dolphins announced that they'd hired Bryan Cox as their pass rush coach.

Bryan Cox. He of the Buffalo fan hatred, and the middle fingers, and the fines, and the spitting. Bryan Cox is back with the Miami Dolphins, in a coaching position that isn't really even real. They made it for him. Like they felt bad that he didn't have a job.

We have three options. Either we hire Carwell Gardner as "blitz pickup coach," institute a policy wherein casually tossing garbage at the visitor's sideline is permitted during Dolphins week, or we thoroughly dominate the porpoises twice next year. But color me jazzed about this rivalry again.