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Dan Wetzel Puts Cam Newton's Red Flags In Focus

We all know what Auburn quarterback Cam Newton is - a supremely talented and productive, albeit very raw quarterback prospect with star power, an attitude worth questioning, and several major red flags. (I think that covers the whole situation.) Facts are facts, and the fact of the matter is that Newton is a major risk.

The question with Newton, pertaining to his pro prospects, is whether or not all of his baggage will prevent him from becoming a franchise-caliber NFL quarterback. It's not all that matters, but it definitely matters most: a majority of fans will overlook Newton's checkered past and grating idea of his own self-worth if he wins professional football games.

Dan Wetzel, writing at Yahoo!, does a commendable job of laying Newton's red flags out in the open, as well as getting Newton's reaction to most of them. Newton does a nice job, himself, of creating a few more red flags simply by agreeing to the interview. The article is objective, it is accurate, and it exemplifies exactly why Newton is so controversial - and why there won't be any middle ground as he's discussed up to and beyond April's 2011 NFL Draft. Love him or hate him, Newton is fascinating to talk about.