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NFL Draft Trades Unlikely For Bills GM Buddy Nix

Good arguments can, and have, been made about the benefits of trading down in the NFL Draft. If last year was not enough indication for you, this ESPN report should be: Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix isn't the type to move up and down the draft board like, say, the New England Patriots are.

"I wouldn't ever say we wouldn't do that," Nix said of trading on Thursday from the 2011 NFL Combine. "But I never have been one to do a lot of that. I don't like giving up a player, especially if you're sold on one.

"If there's a guy that you were dead set on getting," Nix said, "you better take him and not move down, thinking you can get him at No. 7 because you might not, and then you don't have the player. If there's a guy we think we're dead set on, we're going to take him."

It took Nix all of about four minutes to make nine picks for the Bills in the 2010 NFL Draft, as round after round, the Bills hurriedly rushed picks to the podium. While we can expect more of the same this April, Nix, like any good GM, wouldn't completely close the door on moving around the draft board.

"If the guys that you think merit a three are gone, then I think you have to look at moving back," Nix said. "We need as many picks as we can get."